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Spotlight Series: The Walnut Wonder

I'm thrilled to kick off a new series where I'll be shedding light on some of my exceptional creations, offering you a glimpse into the captivating stories behind each piece.

The Walnut Wonder

A truly one-of-a-kind creation, this coffee table features graceful bowtie inlays that not only add a touch of elegance but also serve to stabilise a distinctive crack along its top surface. The marriage of walnut's natural beauty with the intricate bowtie design transforms this piece into something truly amazing.

walnut wonder coffee table

Crafted in collaboration with Evolution Power Tools for their Evolution TV series, "The Walnut Wonder" was born from scratch and documented in their very first episode. For an inside look at the captivating build process, check out the video via the link provided below.

The filming process spanned over three days, and, believe it or not, I lost the ability to speak during that time. While some might find that a blessing, explaining my creative process or directing the camerawoman became a unique challenge. Amazingly, we found a way to communicate through a whiteboard.

coffee table sketchup design WHCreations

The design process for this piece was incredibly flexible, granting me nearly complete creative freedom to craft something truly extraordinary – a dream scenario for any furniture maker. While I had initially submitted some designs, everything took an unexpected turn during a visit to Surrey Timbers to select materials.

coffee table sketchup design WHCreations

As I strolled through their workshop, my eyes fell upon a captivating piece of walnut, and inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. The large crack in the wood seemed to be calling out to me, urging me to transform it into a unique feature – a zip. It's amusing how plans can swiftly change, regardless of the meticulous time spent on designing. In the end, the wood itself seemed to have its say, and sometimes, you just have to let it speak for itself.

walnut coffee table shown during its building stage in the workshop

One distinctive aspect that sets me apart from other makers is my commitment to allowing the wood to acclimatise in a warm environment, mirroring the conditions of its eventual home. Prior to any contact with tools, this period enables the wood to undergo its natural movements. This crucial step aligns with my unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship, ensuring that when a client invests in one of my furniture pieces, the likelihood of future issues is significantly reduced.

walnut coffee table shown during its building stage in the workshop

During this acclimatisation period, an unexpected development occurred – the slab created another crack. This unforeseen occurrence could have posed an issue had we skipped this crucial step. While it wasn't initially factored into our filming plans, it turned out to be a necessary part of the process, underscoring the importance of allowing the wood to adjust before craftsmanship begins.

walnut coffee table shown during its building stage in the workshop

Filming is nothing new to me, given my regular content creation for social media. I enjoyed every moment of the process, even though the producer underestimated the time certain aspects of the build would take. I take pride in standing my ground to ensure a finished, quality product. The table was finished using Rubio Monocoat, a plant-based finish that is not only extremely durable but also food-safe. I'm proud to say that I have since become an ambassador for Rubio in the UK, frequently collaborating with them at events.

Rubio Monocoat Ambassador Event 2024

Walnut Wonder Coffee Table top view showing bowtie zip

True to its name, "The Walnut Wonder" is predominantly crafted from walnut, with interlocking bowties made from maple and palmara—a unique grass species. The table boasts a skillfully crafted waterfall edge where the natural grain seamlessly continues down, forming its main leg. The opposing leg is crafted with kiaat, an African hardwood, showcasing traditional joinery techniques, specifically a saddle joint. This not only enhances the table's strength but also creates a focal point that impeccably completes the overall aesthetic.

For an in-depth journey into the creation of "The Walnut Wonder," don't miss the Evolution TV series pilot episode:

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more stories behind my creations in the Spotlight Series!

walnut wonder coffee table low top view showing close up bowtie zip

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