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My Mission

Producing Talking Points

In Furniture

To produce captivating and conversation-worthy showpieces of furniture by transforming old barrels into stunning works of art. I am driven by a commitment to sustainability and a passion for crafting unique pieces that become the focal point of conversations in homes and businesses alike. By repurposing these barrels with meticulous craftsmanship and using the highest quality materials, I aim to create extraordinary pieces that not only enhance spaces but also serve as meaningful talking points, capturing the imagination and admiration of all who encounter them.

Wood Work


Hi! I'm Will, and I am the furniture maker at WHCreations, a woodworking business born out of my nearly 20-year journey as a self-taught woodworker.

Firstly, I suspect it's right to mention my amazing family. I am the proud father of 2 awesome boys and husband to my incredibly supportive wife. We have lived in Reigate, Surrey since 2010 and while not in the workshop, love spending time out and about, either at my sons football matches or watching Harlequins rugby at the Stoop. 

My journey began while living in Australia for six months. My brother had bought a

house in the small town of Caboolture, close to Brisbane. Though it was far from the

outback, the area was secluded enough for me to immerse myself in honing my woodworking skills. During that time, I had free reign of using my brother's carefully

built-up collection of tools, which allowed me to delve deeper into the craft.

Read more in my Blog.

It has always been my driving force to offer high-quality, handmade furniture that     is of my own design and most importantly totally unique. My goal is to create pieces that create talking points and make a positive impact on both the environment and the people who cherish them.

One thing that truly sets WHCreations apart is my strong commitment to sustainability. I take great pride in utilising reclaimed materials to craft my furniture, such as oak whiskey barrels, that were originally used in the whiskey-making industry, but are now discarded as they no longer serve their purpose. By giving these materials a new lease on life, I create amazing furniture that not only promotes recycling but also avoids the need to cut down further trees.

william head from WHCreations aged 16 in australia bent over a side table during production on a veranda
a side table mid production on a veranada setting
william head from WHCreations holding an oak whiskey barrel stave while smiling
william head from WHCreations in a workshop envirnment pushing a piece of wood through a table saw wearing ear protectors
william head from WHCreations in a workshop environment holding a mallet and chisel
william head from WHCreations in a workshop environment holding a cnc router bit
william head from WHCreations in a workshop environment holding a piece of wood while wearing ear protectors

While not all my pieces are made using reclaimed materials, I ensure that sustainability remains a priority in every aspect of my work. For instance, in the case of my outdoor oak signage, I meticulously source materials from local businesses that are committed to sustainable forestry practices. This way, I can be assured that the trees used are harvested responsibly and do not contribute to deforestation.

My passion for woodworking extends beyond the surface, as I constantly push the

boundaries of creativity to deliver truly exceptional results. Whether it's experimenting with unique joinery techniques or exploring innovative design concepts, I thrive on the challenge of pushing the limits and delivering furniture pieces that exude a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

As you explore the pages of WHCreations, I invite you to witness the fusion of craftsmanship and sustainability. Each piece tells a story, encapsulating the essence of natural beauty and the artistry of woodworking. Whether you're seeking a custom-made creation or browsing for inspiration, I am here to guide you through the process and bring your vision to life.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and help bring your visions to life, all  while making a positive impact on the environment and the world around us. Thank you for considering WHCreations for your furniture and woodworking needs.

william head from WHCreations standing behind the x gantry of a cnc with dust extraction hose
william head from WHCreations standing in front of a wall of hand planes wearing an apron
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