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Rubio Monocoat Durogrit: A Game Changer for Bespoke Outdoor Furniture

DuroGrit Tomorrow's UV protection for your outdoors

As a passionate furniture maker specialising in bespoke pieces for homes and gardens, and also a proud Rubio Monocoat ambassador, I'm thrilled to introduce you to their revolutionary new product: Durogrit Exterior Finish.

A man holding a can of DurGrit and a hammer on a wooden table

Why Durogrit Excites Me:

Durogrit offers a unique combination of benefits that elevates the creation of beautiful and long-lasting outdoor furniture:

  • One Coat Efficiency:  Durogrit boasts a "single-layer application" system, minimising project turnaround time. It eliminates the need for multiple layers of stain, sealant, and topcoat, as Durogrit combines all these functions in one application.

  • Unmatched Durability:  The "FibreGrit Technology" provides superior protection against the elements. This is crucial for outdoor furniture exposed to sunlight, rain, and wear-and-tear. Durogrit's enhanced UV resistance ensures vibrant color for years to come.

  • Natural Beauty:  Durogrit comes in a range of beautiful, natural-looking colors that complement the inherent character of wood. It allows you to create stunning outdoor pieces that seamlessly integrate with your garden aesthetic.

  • Water Repellent and Self-Cleaning:  Durogrit repels water, preventing moisture damage and making maintenance easier. Spills and dirt bead up on the surface, often requiring just a simple wipe down for a clean look.

Close-up of a hand holding swatches of DuroGrit paint colors and a hammer on a wooden table. Several paint cans in the background display different DuroGrit color labels.

Rubio Monocoat: A History of Innovation

Rubio Monocoat, a Belgian company established in 1906, has a rich history of pioneering wood finishing solutions. Initially focusing on mastics, they shifted their focus in 1962 to wood protection. Their core philosophy revolves around creating natural, easy-to-use, and highly durable finishes that enhance the beauty of wood. Durogrit exemplifies this commitment by offering a single-coat solution that delivers exceptional results, aligning perfectly with the company's dedication to innovation and efficiency.

Rubio Monocoat DuroGrit Grassland Beige. Tomorrow's UV protection for your outdoors.

Durogrit vs Traditional Exterior Finishes

Traditionally, finishing outdoor furniture involves a multi-step process, often requiring separate applications of stain, sealant, and a topcoat. Each layer adds time and complexity to the project. Not only is this process tedious, but it also creates inconsistencies in drying times and potential compatibility issues between different products. Durogrit eliminates this need with its single-layer application, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. Additionally, Durogrit's superior UV protection and water repellency properties ensure long-lasting results, potentially reducing the need for frequent refinishing compared to traditional methods. Ultimately, Durogrit offers a simpler, faster, and more reliable approach to protecting your valuable outdoor furniture.

Increased Efficiency with Spray Application

Durogrit offers another exciting advantage: spray application. This method is a game-changer for tackling large outdoor projects, significantly speeding up the finishing process. Consider using Durogrit spray for items like:

  • Outdoor dining tables

  • Adirondack chairs

  • Pergolas

  • Fences

  • Garages / Sheds / Workshops

By incorporating spray application, you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting results on large outdoor structures in a fraction of the time.

WHCreations and the Rubio Monocoat Commitment:

Here at WHCreations, I am committed to using only the finest materials to create lasting pieces for your outdoor space. Durogrit's unique combination of ease of use, exceptional durability, and natural beauty makes it a perfect choice for my bespoke furniture.


Let's Create Your Dream Outdoor Space!

Excited about the possibilities that Durogrit offers for your outdoor furniture? I am too! Whether you envision a stunning dining table to host summer gatherings or a set of Adirondack chairs to create a tranquil reading nook, I can help bring your vision to life. Contact me today at to discuss your bespoke outdoor furniture needs and learn more about how Durogrit can elevate your project.


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