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Home Decoration

Transform your home with bespoke creations that speak to your personal style and enhance every corner. 

My curated collection featuring bespoke kitchen book and iPad stands, table candles, coasters, lazy Susan's, and captivating wall decorations. Each piece is meticulously crafted, transforming your living space into a haven of unique and personalised treasures.

william head from WHCreations portrait standing in the workshop in front of a wall of hand planes

Legacy of Oak Whisky Barrels - Transforming Waste into Art: Discover the remarkable journey of our home decorations, crafted from Oak Whisky Barrels at WHCreations. This embodies our commitment to sustainability, as nothing goes to waste in this unique and eco-friendly process. From the lids transformed into stunning centerpieces for your dining table to creating stands for iPads and books in the kitchen, each piece carries the rich legacy of whisky production.

Whisky Barrel Lids - A Dining Table Masterpiece: Witness the transformation of whisky barrel lids into captivating centerpieces that steal the spotlight on your dining table. These stunning pieces not only capture the essence of heritage but also add a touch of conversation-worthy elegance to your gatherings. It's a perfect example of how every element can be repurposed to create functional art.

iPad and Book Stands - Practical Elegance in the Kitchen: Embrace the functionality and charm of Oak Whisky Barrel stands, now repurposed as stylish holders for your iPads and books in the kitchen. These pieces not only serve a practical purpose but also bring a touch of rustic sophistication to your culinary space. It's a testament to the art of repurposing, where waste turns into functional and visually appealing elements for your home.

Environmental Harmony - Crafting with Purpose: Our use of Oak Whisky Barrels goes beyond aesthetics – it symbolizes a dedication to environmental harmony. By repurposing every part of the barrel, we contribute to a sustainable and eco-conscious approach to craftsmanship. Join us in celebrating this journey where waste becomes art, and every creation tells a story of heritage, sustainability, and purpose. Welcome to WHCreations, where Oak Whisky Barrel transformations redefine the meaning of functional art in your home.

Elevate your space with a bespoke creation tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Interested in commissioning a custom piece? Whether you have specific dimensions, material preferences, or design ideas, I'm here to bring your vision to life.

For personalised details or to discuss your preferences, feel free to reach out and


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