Maple Waterfall Edge Coffee Table


Waterfall edge is the name given to a piece where the grain is of the same board is continued at a 90 degree angle to create a leg or reveal.

This piece had the start of a crack, which is normal during the drying process. I have highlighted and stabilised the crack by hand cutting 8 bow ties made from walnut.

The table is finished off with a stainless steel tube leg.



All of our tables are handmade and totally unique in design. Whether you are looking for a coffee table or a place to display a vase, we have the table for you.

Due to the size of these pieces, we ask that you please contact us to arrange delivery.

Jim Beam Oak Barrel Drinks Cabinet

If this piece could speak, it would tell some stories. Stamped DSP-KY230, which is the Kentucky Distillers in this case, KY230 is Claremont, Kentucky, a genuine Jim Beam oak barrel. The table top and shelf are made from the bottom of the barrel and is wrapped by 3 of the staves, rich in original colour from its use and blackened over time to give the whiskey that it held that sweet, deep rich flavour.

I can picture the drinks that this piece will now hold, sitting by an open fire.


Walnut and Oak Side Table


Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. For a woodworker, to find spalting in a piece of wood means figuration, something interesting that will separate it from the rest.

This piece is no exception. Spalted walnut is held, floating atop a walnut box, suspended on what seems like thin air. The table is connected by stainless steel rods that can be seen on the sides and top. I wanted to create the illusion that the piece is merely floating, not held together using traditional methods.

A Copper handle finishes this piece off beautifully.


Sapele High Display Table

Look closely, can you see a shimmering? Move around the piece and see it come alive. This amazing effect is called, chatoyancy. One cause of chatoyancy is the tree being under stress as it grows, causing the grain to curl back on itself. This results in an effect that looks like waves within the wood.

Held high upon steel hairpin legs, this piece would suit well in an alcove or by a window where the sun will show off this amazing effect.