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Spotlight Series - The Concept Piece Side Table

the concept piece side table made from reclaimed oak worktops

The Expansion

new leaf zero waste shop reigate surrey

A local zero-waste shop near me was expanding its horizons. With a newly leased space next door, they embarked on the exciting journey of creating a coffee shop. Recognising the positive impact this venture would have on the community, especially considering the lack of such establishments in the vicinity, I eagerly supported their initiative.

A Fortuitous Offer

Having a good rapport with the owners, I often showcased my smaller pieces in their shop, aligning with their commitment to waste reduction. One day, during a chance encounter at the building site, I was offered the leftover solid wood worktops from the expansion. Without hesitation, I loaded up my van with a variety of shapes and sizes, seeing the potential in these discarded materials.

The Creative Process

side table made from oak worktops using traditional joinery techniques

These reclaimed pieces sat in my workshop until a client approached me with a unique request for a small table/seat. They desired an item that served a practical purpose while seamlessly fitting into their space for prayer. Inspired by the challenge, I designed a table using the offcuts, employing traditional mortise and tenon joinery for strength and emphasising the thickness of the pieces for visual appeal.

Pushing Boundaries

side table made from oak worktops with an ebonised box

The success of this project ignited my curiosity about the possibilities of creating visually stunning furniture from leftover worktops. The challenge lay in working with offcuts, necessitating designs that accommodated odd shapes while minimizing waste. Eager to push the boundaries of design, I dedicated time to sketching and refining ideas, resulting in a final design that utilised one offcut efficiently with minimal wastage.

A Concept Piece

the concept piece side table made from reclaimed oak worktops

As the title suggests, this piece is a concept—a chance for me to explore new techniques without the pressure of selling the end product. Due to the wood direction in the leg sections, which could easily break along the grain, it will remain a personal piece displayed bedside in our bedroom.

From Nothing to Something

Crafting something from reclaimed materials is not a new concept for me. I previously

jack daniels inspired side table made from an old fire surround

transformed an old, cracked oak fire surround into a table, experimenting with techniques such as stenciling and ebonising fluid for text on the tabletop. The freedom to explore these creative avenues without the constraints of client expectations allows for innovation and the development of entirely new concepts.

Showcasing Reclaimed Materials

the concept piece side table made from reclaimed oak worktops

The concept piece side table serves as a remarkable showcase of using reclaimed materials in furniture making, seamlessly blending beauty in design with functionality. Transforming discarded items into treasures is a testament to the joy I find in creating something meaningful from seemingly nothing.

Not for Sale

While this particular table isn't available for sale due to potential weaknesses in the leg sections, I invite you to explore the variety of other table pieces currently for sale on my website. Each piece tells its own unique story and embodies the spirit of repurposing materials to create something extraordinary.

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