If you have ever watched one of my videos you will know that I don't tend to have much of a routine. I seem to end up in the workshop and make something that I need or just for fun. I enjoy woodworking for what it is and I'm not overly interested in following in the footsteps of others or the latest trends. 

Why not come along for the ride and enjoy the mayhem!

In this mini series of videos I create 3 pens. I have only really ever turned a small amount of pens before and have always wanted to expand my knowledge and experience with other kits. These pens were a lot of fun. Don't let the Trilogy name fool you (as I cannot stand the rings films) it was merely a fun and playful play on words that I thought worked well. Follow me as I show you how I created these amazing pens. All available for sale over on the Head Strong part of the website.

Latest Video