Stabilised wood is wood which has had all of it's porosity saturated with acrylic resin to make it harder, more turnable / workable and highly polishable. 

All blanks go through a 3 day process. Firstly the woods used are dried thoroughly, placed into a vacuum chamber, to remove all the air trapped inside the wood, where they stay for 24hrs. After this time they are left for a further 24hrs to sit, soaking up a stabilising resin. The wood is then placed into an oven to cure the resin, so a once brittle piece of wood is now stable enough to use. At this point the wood and blanks are produced using high quality Epoxy Resin. The blanks are placed in a pressure chamber to give a perfectly clear blank. Please choose what type of blank you would like to buy from the list of all available blanks. We regularly produce new blanks so if you would like something in particular and cannot find it below please feel free to contact us.

Stabilised Pen Blanks