Price is based on one set of scales


Molar Teeth, 30-40,000 years old (Devensian Stage) and come from the Pleistocene period. Located from Brown Bank (Doggerland), North Sea, between England and Holland.


These are truly incredible scales which are totally unique and a piece of history.


The teeth are stabilised and then cast in resin. Due to the nature of the product some small gaps/holes are visible which will require further filling, which will be left up to their new owners.


Incredibly tough material to work with. Not for the fainthearted and we would recommend only the advanced knife maker take these on.


No guarantee will be placed on the scales once sold, so working and finishing is left up to you.


Scales are measured using the thinnest parts of the 2 book matched scales.


1) 158x56x14mm

2) 157x55x14mm

3) 158x55x23mm

approx: 130x22x22mm

Dimensions are all approximate.

Stabilised Mammoth Tooth

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£40.00Sale Price