• Stabilised and Resin Filled Oak Burr Knife Making Scales

    Stabilised oak burr knife scales, All dimensions are approximate and there may be small variants between scales.

    (all measurements have been taken using the thinnest scale)

    These scales have been pre cut to book match to create unique and beautiful handles. 


    These scales have undergone a 5 hour stabilising process. The scales are then heated to 90 degrees to harden the stabilising resin. The scales are then filled with epoxy resin with red colouring and left to cure under pressure for 24 hours.


    Please see that each blank have different sizes, please see below. Please feel free to ask any further information


    Scale #1) 121x42x11 mm

    Scale #2) 123x40x10 mm

    Scale #3) 127x38x9 mm

    Scale #4) 126x42x12 mm

    Scale #5) 125x43x11 mm

    Scale #6) 190x50x10 mm

    Scale #7) 181x45x10

    Scale #8) 126x43x10


    Please note: In the unfortunate event that during turning the blank is completely destroyed to the point of being unusable the liability will rest solely with the purchaser and any replacements and/or refunds will only be considered should a fault be identified upon initial delivery of the blank. If this is the case it is the responsibility of the customer to make contact with us straight away, to decide a mutually satisfactory resolution. In cases where a refund or replacement is agreed the blank should be returned to me exactly as it was received when originally purchased.
    Any blank that has failed during use will not be covered under this policy as once used a root cause cannot be clearly levied against the manufacturing process.


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