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  • Set of 3 Homemade Carbide Woodturning Chisels, 12mm Steel Shaft

    You are buying a set of 3 Handmade Carbide Chisels.


    You will get:


    1x Square 15mm

    1x Circle 16mm

    1x Diamond 30mm (tip to tip)


    The chisels come with a 12mm square steel shaft and a copper ferrel.

    The wood is finished with a shellac finish.


    Approx 500mm in length from tip to butt of handle


    Please note that although the chisels are checked before shipping please make sure all the tips are securely fixed before using.

    • Terms


      These are made by myself and therefore may have different measurements between chisels. These chisels are sold as seen and I do accept any loss or injury through misuse of this product. If you are buying this item you are therefore expected to know how to use correctly and safely. All chisels are checked and tested before being shipped. If you find your chisel arrives in a condition you are not happy with then please feel free to get in contact with myself.