Our Environmental Promise


Packaging has to be one of the biggest problems for many retailers. It starts with the basics - a box and a way to secure the items within.

Where possible, all of the boxes we use are made from FSC standard cardboard, meaning woods used to create the box have come from a fully sustainable and manageable forest.

Our packaging is also 100% recycled void paper. Occasionally, there is a need to use additional bubble wrap to secure larger items but this will always be kept to a minimum.  We will also, always encourage that you reuse any type of bubble wrap or packaging where possible to avoid unnecessary wastage.

There will always be particular situations where it is unavoidable to use new packaging with an order however, if we are able to, we will always reuse cardboard boxes and jiffy bags.  Please be rest assured that in no circumstances would packaging ever be reused if we felt it would not fully secure your order.

Currently, we are using brown parcel packaging tape on our boxes and self-adhesive plastic pockets to secure packaging information. We are looking into a more sustainable way to secure our packages moving forwards in the future.

Unfortunately, our pen kits arrive in small plastic bags. There is, at this time, no way to control this. We ask therefore that you reuse or recycle where possible.


We are always looking for ways to try to stay ahead of the latest trends, to bring you new and interesting products.

Our pen blanks are made using high quality materials and all products used are sustainably sourced where possible. 

  • Pine cones are collected from nearby woodlands that have fallen to the ground. 

  • Antlers are purchased with the understanding that they were found and not a byproduct of a sport or cull (we will always try to say where our antlers have come from in the selling page).

  • Tagua nuts are collected from the ground after the ripe fruit has detached from the tree.  These are supplied to us, due to the location in which they are grown.

Paste and Waxes

Our wax products are what makes us who we are. We started HeadStrong on the back of our abrasive paste recipe, and over time we have tried to define it as a leader in the marketplace together with looking to expand to more finishes in the near future.

We have recently added a wax butter to our range.  Our wax is now locally sourced in Surrey, within a 15 mile radius as we felt it necessary to source our ingredients locally and responsibly without losing the quality we know our customers have come to expect. To the best of our knowledge, the bees do not pollinate any flowers which have come into contact with pesticides, due to the area of the hives only being surrounded by public parks and greens with no farmland within a close proximity.  This makes our wax clean, unwashed or dyed, with an almost perfume scent which is then used to create both our abrasive paste and wood butter products.

Our packaging for these items have been sourced specifically for the recycling purpose. The pots are made using Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications. You will find a recycle branding underneath with a number 5 inside. We ask that when you have finished with the product that you reuse or recycle this in the correct way.