So you know the score. Woodworking and video making is expensive and time consuming. I do this all because I love what I do. This in turn is then reflected in my videos and hopefully is enjoyed by you the viewer.

Now, many other Makers/YouTubers will have some way of you to sponsor or donate to their channels. Of course if you would like to, please do feel free to donate to me directly using the link at the bottom of this page. But I got to thinking... Do I really need your money for something that, lets face it, I was going to do anyway? Probably not. So I think if you love what I am doing here, and you fancy dropping me a few £'s then I would appreciate if you wouldn't mind checking out some of the chosen charities below to send that hard earned money too.

These charities are chosen because I myself or persons close to me have been affected by them. If you would like to know more about the charities themselves please feel free to click onto the link provided underneath and see which one you feel best would suit you.

Now I know how hard everyone works for their money, and I too am in full time employment, so the money we have means a lot to us. So if you do decide to donate to any of the charities then I would just like to say... "You are awesome".

Thank you


If you would like to donate directly to me then please do so below.