Pen Makers Starter Set

This kit includes everything you need to start making your own pens in your shed, garage or home workshop. This unique kit comprises of all the essential parts for you to start making your own bespoke handmade pens.

What's in the starter kit?

Pen Kit - Each pen starts off as a kit that includes all the mechanical pieces you'll need such as the brass tube, nib, refill and clip.
Pen Blank - choose your own bespoke handmade HeadStrong pen blank made from wood, resin or one of our hybrid blanks which is a mixture of both or maybe even go with one of our 3D printed honeycomb blanks. The choice is yours.
Drill bit - The starter set also includes all the drill bits you'll need to fit the pen kit.
Bushings - when you mount the tube ready for turning these bushings help you turn it to the correct size for the kit. Each pen has a specific size bushing.
HeadStrong Abrasive Paste - What better way to ensure a good finish on your pen than by using some HS abrasive paste.


All you need to do is make sure you have a lathe, turning tools and a pen mandrel or centres and then with the HeadStrong Pen Makers Starter Set you're good to go. 


Just choose the type of pen and which pen blank you prefer and before long you'll be producing handmade pens that make fantastic gifts for all occasions.