Brass Coral Atop a Sapele Base

I bet you have never seen anything like this before? Made to mimic real coral this piece of art sits atop a sapele base, held secure by a layer of resin dyed blue to resemble the ocean. There is more to what meets the eye however. Come night time switch on the LEDs embedded in the resin and watch your walls become illuminated by the shapes given off by this totally unique piece.


Art & Display

Unique and stand out display pieces alongside out own take on art, using woodworking tools and spray paints.


Brown Oak Tablet Stand

Created using Brown Oak, this two part tablet stand can be in portrait or landscape figuration. The stands are large enough to hold, tablets and cookbooks, so ideal placement for the kitchen.

Oak Clock With Milliput Inlay

A stunning and striking piece that does little to take away from the beauty of the wood. Made using wood from a vintage oak mantel and inlaid using milliput, a clay type material with resin which sets solid. 

This clock will compliment any wall with its contemporary Quartz mechanism.


DSP-KY230 Jim Beam Whiskey Barrel Top

The history of this barrel is mesmerising. To think of all the years it served. This piece highlights the beauty and natural look of this incredible oak barrel.

Simply framed using one of its own metal bands and still blackened on the rear, this piece will suit a mans cave or home bar.


Oak Stave Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

Created using the staves from a Jim Beam Barrel, this simple yet elegant wine and glass holder.

Using all parts of the barrel, the holders are made using the metal hoops. Metal strapping is also applied to the top and bottom parts of this stand to hold everything together. The natural curve of the oak is beautifully used to create a place to store glasses when not in use.

This piece is ideal for the contemporary kitchen/home bar.