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Handcrafted furniture made in the heart of Surrey

From tables to art pieces, all of our items are handcrafted using quality materials and seasoned woods. Unique one off creations make every piece special and stand out from mass production.

Our New Furniture Range

Bespoke handcrafted furniture made in the heart of Surrey.

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Pen Blanks
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Ring Making
Knife Scales
Stabilised Woods
Sphere Blanks
Hand Crafted Pens
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3 Pen Kits with Bushings

3 Hybrid Pen Blanks

All for £50!!

Saving on average over £30!


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WHCreations environmental ethos


At WHCreations, we recognise the importance of protecting the environment, which is why a lot of the items used in our products are foraged or found and where possible ingredients are ethically sourced locally, reducing our carbon footprint. We also know how harmful plastic is to our environment, which is why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

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